About Us


The journey of COCONUT CLOUD TREE (CCT) began with a deep-rooted love for coconuts and a strong commitment to creating a sustainable and wholesome future. Our founders envisioned a brand that not only delivers the highest quality coconut creams but also much needed health benefits

Coconut Cloud Tree is an operated business that specializes in creating eco-friendly and sustainable products. The company is a leading manufacturer of coconut crystal cream, focusing on producing delicious, healthy, and nutritious cream.

Our mission is to create creams that are both delicious and beneficial for health.


As a manufacturer of coconut cream, we take immense pride in our production process. We source only fresh coconuts from sustainable, organic farms.


We offer a diverse range of organic, non-GMO coconut cream, meticulously crafted to meet your varied needs. The crystal cream is originally made from the freshest coconut flesh, and its creamy texture adds richness and flavor to your culinary creations.


Our goal is to deliver the highest quality coconut cream and to achieve success in making the best coconut products. We source coconuts from organic farms, ensuring high-quality products and excellent traceability throughout our supply chain. Furthermore, our coconut cream is certified organic. The company’s main target is to attain profitability for better services and to exist in the market for the long term.